Do something nice for someone AND tell someone about it?

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  We should all be kind, nice and generous. Not much debate around that. But how about “sharing” your act of kindness with others? Social media makes it incredibly easy to tell the whole world about how nice you are but does that mean you should do it? Should we go about telling our neighbors… Read more »

What I learnt from my miscarriage

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My first ultrasound: there was a heartbeat, a little seed of life growing in me, I was in joy and in disbelief; experienced a little anxiety and a lot of gratitude. My second ultrasound, a week later – intuitively it felt different, the doctor’s expressions didn’t signal a positive sign and yes the heartbeat was… Read more »

It’s not that bad…

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As a working mom, things don’t always go as planned. Some days are indeed harder than other. One of the ways I TRY to stay sane and happy is by embracing imperfection. When my son would cry a lot in the first few weeks, my sister once told him – “It’s not that bad.” That… Read more »