Why this blog?

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            A few people have asked me lately – Why are you writing this blog? What is your mission & vision with this blog? Some people find it interesting that in addition to a full time job, grad school and a small baby (who is about to turn one!!), I… Read more »

Mindful Living Interview Series – Myshkin Ingawale

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This is a project  very close to my heart where I have conversations with people who inspire me on my journey and embody what it means to live a mindful, authentic and meaningful life. I hope their stories and journey inspire you and bring you a tiny bit closer to your own truths, dreams and desires…. Read more »

Was it a bad movie or … ?  

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            A few months back I saw a movie in the theatre. Yes, with a baby who chose to be absolutely fascinated with big adults on a big screen and the unlimited nursing that he had access to!   As I walked out of the theatre, I looked at my… Read more »

My “Messy” Enlightenment

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              A few days back I was having lunch with a new friend who I met at a retreat and we were discussing her experience at a 6-day silent retreat at Spirit Rock. This was truly a “silent” retreat with 14 hours of meditation everyday! What a treat:-) In… Read more »