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Hi there!

I am Neha. I am a mom to a little toddler and work full time outside the house. I am also a part time grad student at a sustainable MBA program and have a strong passion to spark conversations around well-being, meaning and purpose in our lives.

Yes, that means my days are packed, my to do lists are long yet I try to bring a lot of white space, joy and intentionality in how I spend my time. I struggle, I stumble, I fail but I try and pick myself back up and stay true to what matters most to me.

This blog is a peak into my days that are real, raw and fulfilling. It is my humble attempt to share stories and spark conversations around living from a place of integrity, authenticity, self-awareness and the collective impact that has on the world around us. I write about my experiences around work, spirituality, leadership, wellness, purpose, you get the sense – the simple choices we make everyday in our lives. The choices that affect our sense of self and influence the people around us and eventually the world we live in. Over the years I have met numerous interesting people, learnt from their stories, have had my own aha moments – some with tears, some with joy and now I feel deeply called to share those with the world!

As a mother, I owe it to my child to model what I hope to teach him – to practice kindness, to give more than we take, to contribute in the world, to speak from our hearts and to make time for our dreams. I truly believe that our callings may or may not be our day jobs and that is perfectly fine. I had always wanted to write and like many of you reading this, the fear of failure, self-judgment and the “lack of time” always ran the show. Yet, a year back I overcame my own self and started to write and share and the joy I have experienced is magical. Dedicating just a few hours every week to this blog has added significant meaning and purpose to my life and made my journey as a mother even more rewarding and I am incredibly honored to welcome you to my digital home!


A little more about me

I love the ocean | Human behavior fascinates me | I find peace in moments of silence | Cooking brings out my creative self | Travel helps me look at the world with new eyes | Walking to the top of a mountain connects me with my inner power | I hate driving (and am often scarred) but can make peace with traffic | I love meeting new people but cannot enjoy loud networking events | I can get impulsive but deep breathing brings me home | My close friends and family are my lifelines |  I don’t like green vegetables but have found fun ways to eat them | I love camping, hosteling, and the occasional comfy bed and breakfast | I love Monday mornings but struggle with Sunday evenings | I love getting geeky with data and numbers | Moving my body makes me happy | I can lose patience at my husband for small things and a genuine sorry works magic I love going on retreats | I am married, grateful mama to a toddler and live in Mountain View, CA

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