2018 – Year in Review

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And just like that another incredible year is a wrap. It was a beautiful, memorable year with lots of highs and some lows but so, so much to be grateful for… Firstly, grateful for all the big rocks in my life to have been well in place. All four of us and are loved ones… Read more »

9 Years

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I complete 9 years of being married this week. If I had one word to describe these last 9 years, I’d say – beautiful and if I had more I’d add purposeful, joyful, challenging. There is something incredibly powerful, (much more than I would have ever realized when I was tying the knot) about spending… Read more »

This is 35

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  I have been writing a birthday post for the last 4 years and got a little delayed this year but figured I’d rather write it late than never so here it is. As a tradition, I reflect and document on what life feels like in this season of life. You can read my birthday… Read more »

The next 6 months…

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For the last couple of years, I have almost always started the new year with a list of goals and resolutions. This year as I gear up for what I believe will be yet another beautiful and purposeful year, my canvas is rather empty. The next six months are likely going to be one of… Read more »

Savoring September

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My work has been intense over the last few months. I have been working longer hours and my responsibilities have grown. The emotional work of thinking, planning, connecting and working even when I am not on my computer is expanding. Overall, it feels aligned with my values and in many ways, this is what I… Read more »

And yes, I judge

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I always thought I don’t really judge people or at least not a lot. And then I read an article (that I can’t find now☹) on a woman’s experience trying not to judge for a whole month and it really got me thinking about my behavior. I’d like to think I have an inclusive heart… Read more »

Books, Kindle, Audible and more…

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I read a lot of books this past quarter (completed 7, 4 in progress, discarded a few after 50-100 pages) so close to less than 1 a week. This is the most I have ever read in my life and it absolutely felt great. I picked up on my love for reading much later in… Read more »