Start with giving

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  That’s papa and me as a new born!!                     This one is papa playing with Vivaan on his 60th birthday last year!     When I started writing, I didn’t anticipate this will be a place for me to capture life’s special and simple, ordinary… Read more »

The 10K Project

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  This past birthday I had written a post reflecting on what was showing up in my life at the time. It was hard, vulnerable, joyful and gratifying all at the same time to be that honest with myself, find the right words and then put it out for the world to read, react and… Read more »

Small acts of kindness

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July 4th is a good friend’s wedding anniversary and this past year she had a 6-month-old little cutie! As most new parents can perhaps relate to, she had no plans of doing anything special, as her babysitter was busy. I instantly offered to watch her baby and was incredibly touched by her trust and more… Read more »

An Interview with Dr. Kaveri Patel – Mindfulness & Compassion in Action

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  Kaveri sits at the crossroads of contemplation, creativity, and compassion.  She tries to parent, write, and facilitate healing for others and herself from this place.  Her poetry books include An Invitation (2011), Under the Waves (2012), and The Voice (2014).  Her meditation cd The Feminine Faces of Compassion was released in 2013 and her… Read more »

Reflections on Kindness

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                          Last month I had taken on a project to practice kindness for 30 days and had invited all of you to join me as well. So, how did it go?   In short, it was a beautiful journey to make kindness an… Read more »

30 days of kindness

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                As much as I like traveling, I also like coming back homeJ. There is something magical about the comfort of my room (even though its generally messy), the warm, cozy bed and my kitchen with all its gadgets. A few months back, we were on our way… Read more »

Do something nice for someone AND tell someone about it?

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  We should all be kind, nice and generous. Not much debate around that. But how about “sharing” your act of kindness with others? Social media makes it incredibly easy to tell the whole world about how nice you are but does that mean you should do it? Should we go about telling our neighbors… Read more »