4 years

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Vivaan turned 4 last month. I have experienced the deluge of all emotions I could ever imagine over these last 4 years. The all-consuming nature of parenthood combined with the absolute power of loving and being loved by another human. These beautiful paradoxes juxtaposed right next to one another still fascinate me and make me… Read more »

So, do you have any advice?

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Almost a year back, I got a phone call from one of my closest friends announcing her pregnancy. A friend I have known for over a decade. A friendship that has seen a lot of ups and a few downs but has thrived through it all. And I experienced joy in two ways – joy… Read more »

I am no superwoman

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  I completed my MBA a few weeks back. I am incredibly excited, grateful, somewhat relieved that I have a new life with some “extra??” time in it. Sometimes, it feels surreal to not plan my weekends around homework after having done that for almost 5 years excluding a few breaks when I had my… Read more »

3 years

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My oldest son, Vivaan turns 3 tomorrow. In some ways, it feels like it was just yesterday that I was in labor unsure of what motherhood would mean to me. Yet, in other ways the last 3 years feel incredibly rich, meaningful and abundant with so many memories. It’s yet another example of how I… Read more »

I don’t have enough time

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  “Oh, I wish I had more time.” “But, I don’t have enough time.” “I would have done this if there were 28 hours in my day.” I have both said and heard these words (or a version of them) many times in my life. Most of us would gladly receive more hours in our… Read more »