Savoring September

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My work has been intense over the last few months. I have been working longer hours and my responsibilities have grown. The emotional work of thinking, planning, connecting and working even when I am not on my computer is expanding. Overall, it feels aligned with my values and in many ways, this is what I… Read more »

Books, Kindle, Audible and more…

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I read a lot of books this past quarter (completed 7, 4 in progress, discarded a few after 50-100 pages) so close to less than 1 a week. This is the most I have ever read in my life and it absolutely felt great. I picked up on my love for reading much later in… Read more »

Why I don’t want to monetize my art…

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— at least for now   For a long, long time, I believed that if I wasn’t making a career of teaching yoga, leading workshops & writing that I was somehow not doing justice to my art & my callings. I used to believe that I wasn’t being true to my heart’s deepest desires, that… Read more »

7 years…

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  Last month, my husband and I completed 7 years of being married. My greatest emotion is that of immense gratitude for all that this relationship has brought in my life – both the joys and the struggles. The beautiful hikes and the not so pleasant arguments. The lovely experience of being a parent and… Read more »

Was it a bad movie or … ?  

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            A few months back I saw a movie in the theatre. Yes, with a baby who chose to be absolutely fascinated with big adults on a big screen and the unlimited nursing that he had access to!   As I walked out of the theatre, I looked at my… Read more »

It’s not that bad…

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As a working mom, things don’t always go as planned. Some days are indeed harder than other. One of the ways I TRY to stay sane and happy is by embracing imperfection. When my son would cry a lot in the first few weeks, my sister once told him – “It’s not that bad.” That… Read more »