Yoga Classes & Workshops: Be Yoga

I can’t speak highly enough about your class. You have such a personable and calming way about yourself such that it made relaxing easy (which is saying a lot considering all life’s little stresses and mental checklists that somehow seem to be ever present.). Really, I think I can count on one hand the number of people I’ve met that don’t just know HOW to put other people at ease, but have that certain sixth sense about them that allows other to just BE at ease and you’re someone I count in that handful. = ) You are a great teacher and it’s easy to say that that was the most relaxing and rejuvenating yoga class I’ve ever taken.

Lindsey Bennett

Your class has truly been a blessing. It is able to calm and prepare me both mentally and physically for the week ahead and refresh me from everyday stresses. It is one of the few things that I look forward to attending and would recommend it to anyone who needs to a wonderful break from daily life!


I just wanted to thank you for a great first yoga class. For someone with no prior yoga experience you made me feel relaxed and completely comfortable. I couldn’t believe that I was actually able to push my hectic work and other demanding thoughts from my mind. I have even started including yoga into my daily life by doing some deep stretching and poses before bed each night. For anyone new to yoga or just looking for a way to relax and unwind, I will definitely recommend your class. Thank you!!


Yoga Class: Presidio Graduate School

I truly appreciate your effort to lead these classes, even if I cannot attend each time.The class helps me create space for mental peace and physical relaxation in the middle of a busy and hectic weekend. It makes me feel calm, collected and rejuvenated, ready for class and to learn new lessons in school.

Tom Flannigan

Neha’s restorative yoga and meditation classes provide much needed relief from the long haul of residency at the Presidio Graduate School. We spend so much time sitting in an unnatural environment, intent on our coursework, that it is easy to forget ourselves. Personally, the class provides me with a sacred space to reconnect with myself and truly listen to what my mind, body and soul need. I leave the class feeling centered, connected and refreshed.

Michelle Reyes

I love having a yoga/meditation mini class during our lunch break on Sunday’s. I look forward to it all residency. As someone who struggles with this learning environment, I carry a lot more anxiety and stress during residencies than I would in a more conventional educational environment. A yoga/meditation class during lunch helps me slow down the activities in my brain and refocus my thoughts for the rest of the day. I am ultimately a better student afterward. The music, stretching, human touch, and oils make it a really special part of my last day of res. Thank you again Neha, for doing this!

Alexis Travis

I really love the Sunday yoga. It really helps me relax, get some kinks out of my shoulder, and I almost always come away with some new insights on something that has been bothering me: usually something in my relationships, or my future career / calling. Not all of these insights are particularly happy, but all of them are peaceful. The focus of your sessions is always on forgiving yourself, self love, and refocusing your brain on things that are good: the feel of the earth supporting you, breath that gives you life, and the fact that you can love yourself without focusing on regrets or negative inner voices.Being at Presidio represents a transitional time for me, and making this transition time count is tough, but I only have positive things to say about your restorative yoga sessions, and I hope some of these insights uncover some of the emotional benefits that I’ve gleaned just from these short monthly sessions. Thank you for bringing this gift to our community!

Jamie Jones

You have a wonderful gift that you generously share with all of us – the importance of stopping is high, especially in business school, where we are often asked to do much more than our capacities dictate. I supposed this can apply in our careers as well. I appreciate that you offer us an opportunity to come back to ourselves so that we can better deal with the stress of residency. We can lose sight of being present in such a format. I enjoy your ability to inquire about possibilities of our experience in the moment while you lead the meditation. iI’s easy to have the mind wander or worse, stress out about something. are we doing it right. where did i just go?… your voice has a nice cadence. you make sure we are connecting mind and body, versus yoga being a form of exercise, as many people tend to compartmentalize it.

Spike Lomibao