Reflections on Kindness

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                          Last month I had taken on a project to practice kindness for 30 days and had invited all of you to join me as well. So, how did it go?   In short, it was a beautiful journey to make kindness an… Read more »

What I don’t believe about your callings…

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  I was recently having a conversation with a friend who sadly shared that her life was just a to do list devoid of any form of self-expression or meaning. She said – “I don’t have a calling” and more importantly how do I find something that fuels my self? I am already overwhelmed getting… Read more »

Rethinking Callings!

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                    For a long time, I believed that my “work” had to be an almost perfect manifestation of my callings and fully align with my life’s purpose and values. I went to a progressive and mission driven business school and had been trying really hard to have… Read more »

30 days of kindness

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                As much as I like traveling, I also like coming back homeJ. There is something magical about the comfort of my room (even though its generally messy), the warm, cozy bed and my kitchen with all its gadgets. A few months back, we were on our way… Read more »

Things that made me happy

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Last week, I received Lindsey Mead’s post on “things that make me happy” in my inbox. I love her writing, her honesty, her vulnerability and am so grateful for everything that I have learnt from her. I sometimes nod my head in agreement and feel like I am listening to a dear friend talk when… Read more »

My orange juice moments

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            I live a very privileged life. Despite the numerous times when my fears, insecurities and doubts over consume me, deep in my heart I have nothing but gratitude for the different gifts that life has given me. At a more practical level, I am blessed to have a beautiful… Read more »

Why this blog?

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            A few people have asked me lately – Why are you writing this blog? What is your mission & vision with this blog? Some people find it interesting that in addition to a full time job, grad school and a small baby (who is about to turn one!!), I… Read more »

Mindful Living Interview Series – Myshkin Ingawale

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This is a project  very close to my heart where I have conversations with people who inspire me on my journey and embody what it means to live a mindful, authentic and meaningful life. I hope their stories and journey inspire you and bring you a tiny bit closer to your own truths, dreams and desires…. Read more »

Was it a bad movie or … ?  

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            A few months back I saw a movie in the theatre. Yes, with a baby who chose to be absolutely fascinated with big adults on a big screen and the unlimited nursing that he had access to!   As I walked out of the theatre, I looked at my… Read more »